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Critically discuss the value of neurobiological (i.e. neural, physiological, hormonal, immune) approaches to the study of emotions and their expression

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you can use these articles as resources for this essay. I have some of them downloaded which i can upload them later (there is no requirements on how many should be used)
1. Pluchik, K. (2001) The nature of emotions
2. Adolphs, R. (2006) Perception and emotion, how we recognize facial expressions
3. Chapman H. A. et al. (2009) In bad taste: evidence for the oral…..
4. Adolphs (2010) Emotions
5. Sharif, A. F. and Tracy J. L. (2011) What are emotion expressions for ?
6. Dagleish, F. (2204) The emotional brain
7. Meyer, J. S. and Quenzer, L. F. (2013) Structure and function of the nervous s
8. . Meyer, J. S. and Quenzer, L. F. (2013) Chemical signalling by hormones and neurotransmitters.
9. Workman, L. and Reader, W. (2004) Sexual selection
10.Thomas, F. et al. Can we understand modern humans without considering pathogens
11. Kavaliers, M. and Choleris, E. (2011) Sociality, pathogen avoidance and the
12. Olsson, M. J. et al. (2014) The scent of disease……

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