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Critique argument of journal
Students must prepare a critique of the argument contained the following section of an article:

Lucinda Finley, ‘Breaking Women’s Silence in Law: The Dilemma of the Gendered Nature of Legal Reasoning’ (1989) 64 Notre Dame Law Review, 886, pp.892-906 (i.e. Section II ‘The Gendered Nature of Legal Language is What Makes it Powerful and Limited’).
As part of the critique, students must to do the following:
(1) Present a summary of the argument contained within the text;
(2) Explain how the initial points and foundational claims for the argument lead to the conclusion that the author reaches;
(3) Evaluate the place of the argument within the larger thesis of the author; and
(4) Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the argument overall and of particular aspects of the argument.
Word limit:

2,000 words.

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