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Critique Paper- Critical Thinking


Choose any one advertisement (you can choose either from television, newspaper, billboard or internet) Write a 400- 500 word critique paper about it.

Look at the following parts of the advertisement:
1. HI (attention-getting),
2. TRUST ME (confidence- building),
3. YOU NEED (desire-stimulating),
4. HURRY (urgency-stressing),
5. BUY (response- seeking).

Guided Questions
1)Describe the news in your own words. (3 marks)
a.What does it show or what claims are made?
b.Who is the intended audience?
c.What is being asked to believe or accept?

2)What evidences are available to support the claims made? (4 marks)
a.Rate the evidence on 0-10 scale based on validity/strength and justify your rating.
b.What assumptions or biases are made in this advertisement?
c.Is there anything contradicting between what is said and what is shown?
3) Recommend to the sponsors whether they should keep running the advertisement (why?), modify it (how?), or drop it (why?). (3 marks)

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