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ASSESSMENT 2: Cross Cultural Management
The focus of this assignment is to draw upon your analysis of national culture of two countries in Assignment 1 to develop an assessment of similarities and differences in managerial processes and organisational culture which an international manager can expect to encounter in these two countries.
Issues you may wish to examine could include how culture affects individualism versus group orientation, communications, decision-making, autocratic versus delegated leadership, superior-subordinate relationships and managing teams. In the report utilise appropriate academic theories about cross-cultural management to create frameworks to support your proposals. Utilise similar information sources that were utilised in Assignment 1.You may find some added benefit in obtaining information of the operations, and possibly any international activities, of major organisations in the two countries that are being compared.
High Distinction
Accessing and summarising resources
Evidence of broad, systematic and creative research.
Demonstrates skilful use of high quality, credible, relevant sources. Selection of sources goes beyond the mainstream literature.
An excellent summary of relevant data.
Evidence of controlled and systematic research. Demonstrates selection of credible, relevant sources from relevant, quality literature.
Accurate summary of relevant data
Evidence of good research skills. Demonstrates an attempt to use credible and/or relevant sources. Information is gathered from a good range of electronic and non-electronic sources. but could be extended.
Summary of data could be improved.
Research conducted demonstrates an attempt to use credible and/or relevant sources. Information is gathered from a limited range of electronic and non-electronic sources
Some capacity to summarise data
Limited research skills demonstrated. Very limited range of sources utilised. Lack of demonstrated ability to summarise data.
Acknowledging resources
Wide range of sources accurately reference.
Good range of sources with minor errors in
Reasonable range of sources, some referencing errors.
Limited resources with a number of errors in
Major errors in referencing.
Excellent ability to interpret complex data, to appraise evidence , evaluate arguments and to formulate and express very sound conclusions.
Good demonstration of the capacity to critically analyse information, formulate own conclusions and express own ideas.
Reasonable analysis of information. Able to draw warranted conclusions and generalizations and demonstrate some original thought.
Limited ability to interpret data, appraise evidence or evaluate arguments. Conclusions need improvement and need to express own ideas.
No critical analysis of information, poor conclusions and no original thought.
An extensive analysis of the influence of national culture on managerial practices across a wide range of issues
An excellent application of academic theories and clearly articulated dimensions of national cultural which provided a strong frame work
A good analysis of the influence of national culture on managerial practices . A satisfactory range of issues examined..
A sound application of academic theories on national culture which provided a good frame work for analysis of national cultures
A reasonable attempt to compare the influence national cultures on managerial practices Adequate range of issues examined
A reasonable application of academic theories as a framework for analysis
Some comparison of the influence national cultures on managerial practices however, limited range of issues examined
Some reference to a theoretical frame work but not adequately applied to the task
Ineffective comparison of the influence of national culture on managerial practices and organisational culture in the two countries being studied.
Limited or no theoretical frame work defined
• Structure
• Logic
• Mechanics
Well-constructed assignment: appropriate, clear, and smooth transitions; arrangement of organizational elements seems particularly apt;
uses sophisticated sentences effectively; usually chooses words aptly; observes professional
Well written and presented assignment: distinct units of thought in paragraphs; clear transitions between developed, coherent, and logically arranged paragraphs; a few mechanical difficulties or stylistic problems; may make occasional problematic word
Reasonably written and presented: some awkward transitions; some brief, weakly unified or undeveloped paragraphs; arrangement may not appear entirely natural; contains extraneous information. more frequent wordiness; unclear or awkward sentences; imprecise
Not consistently logically structured: narrates; digresses from one topic to another; awkward use of words, numerous errors in style and presentation including spelling punctuation and grammar.
Simplistic, tends to narrate or merely summarize; illogical arrangement of ideas some major grammatical or proofreading errors; language frequently weakened by clichés, colloquialisms, repeated inexact word choices.
conventions of written English and report format; free of spelling, grammatical, punctuation and typing errors
choices or syntax errors; a few spelling or punctuation errors or a cliché; uses appropriate report format.
use of words or over-reliance on passive voice; some distracting grammatical errors; some spelling, punctuation and typing errors.

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