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cultural awareness/How has your current employer or any previous employer been affected by globalization

Answer the questions listed below:

11- Suppose you own a small company that manufactures baseball equipment. You are aware that Russia is a large market, and you are considering exporting your products there. However, you know you need to learn more about Russian culture before making contact with potential business partners. What steps could you take to improve your cultural awareness?
12 – How has your current employer or any previous employer been affected by globalization? For instance, dose your company compete with lower –cost imports? ( if you don’t have any work experience , ask friend or family member.)
14- Concept integration. You just received notice that a large shipment of manufacturing supplies you have been waiting for has been held up in customs for two weeks. A local business associate tells you that you are expected to give customs agents some
“Incentive money” to see that everything clears easily. How will you handle this situation? Evaluate the ethical merits of your decision by considering the approaches listed in Exhibit 4.4 on page 75.

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