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Cultural Concepts ;

DIRECTIONS    1.    Complete the Values and Attitudes self-assessment section (#14 – #37) of “Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Competency.”

2.    Explain your results and indicate areas of competence and areas for improvement.

3.    Reflect on your results and how this impacts your nursing practice in regard to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds who have complex health care needs and who are in various phases of the life span. Complete one of the following:
A.    Reflect on past experience (with examples) and indicate how you dealt with the cultural diversity issue.
B.    Anticipate (based on your clinical setting and clientele), the complex cultural issues that may arise and how you will handle these potential situations.

Be sure to add a “take away” from this learning assignment.

NOTE: Submit this cover page and journal as one continuous word document

Grading Criteria    Points
Possible    Points
1.    Clearly label and identify (write out) the course outcome (s)        2
2.    Thoughtfully and thoroughly write journal content. Highlight activities that reflect the student learning outcome. Each journal assignment has specific instructions as well). See specific point allocation below.    (9)
1)    Values and Attitudes self-assessment    2
2)    Areas of competence and areas for improvement    3
3)    Reflection OR Anticipation                                                                                                                                 4
3.    Identify and discuss  a “take away” from this learning experience    2
4.    Used correct grammar, punctuation, and APA formatting.    2

TOTAL                                   15

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