cultural/ethnic background

cultural/ethnic background

write an essay on your own cultural/ethnic background and how it has impacted their sense of self, their views of the world, and ways of interacting with the mainstream culture. This paper should describe the students core values in relation to people they consider different in terms of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, country of origin, and any other factors that can distinguish them from other minority groups. Students will identify, self-disclose, and own their own prejudices, values and attitudes based on their cultural history; and conclude the paper with their thoughts on how their views of the world will impact their life as a college student.Presentation – Students will prepare a poster presentation of their “Who am I” paper and will submit the poster to the instructor by the last day of Week 16. The assignment involves two activities: creating the poster and saving the presentation to a file. The poster can include text, graphs and/or pictures, as long as it is saved on a Word file (.doc). Creativity will be encouraged but it will not be necessary for earning maximum points. The presentation must involve posting comments and answering questions about the following aspects of the “Who am I” paper:

What you learned about the ethnic/cultural background you identify with, i.e. your ethnic/cultures standards, traditions, etc.

Whether you think this ethnic/cultural worldview and its value system represents the values and worldviews of most people of the same nationality.

Your personal reaction to the assignment, including what you learned in the process and how this personal examination will influence your college years.

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