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Culture of puerto rico

Instruction for the presentation

–        Clarity
–        Creativeness
–        Ability to follow the guidelines outlined below
–        Engagement with the class
–        Pronunciation of key words in Spanish  (Here you can enter a word in Spanish, see its meaning in English and hear the pronunciation in Spanish: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/trabalenguas (Links to an external site.)

-3 to 5 minutes presentation on the topic you selected in English (You are welcome to use as much Spanish as possible).

-Provide a list of key words / new vocabulary meaningful to your presentation in Spanish (Between 10 to 15 words is more than enough!) Make sure to know the meaning of this words. You are the experts!

-Provide 5 main points of the topic you are presenting/ meaningful things to remember

-Make a creative and fun presentation that includes some sort of visual aid or other interesting material and more importantly have fun and learn!

-Be ready to answer any questions about your topic.

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