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curtral interview (MUSEUM)


Get approval from the instructor concerning who you will be interviewing by posting to the Interviewee Approval discussion board.
Review the example paper.
Interview the person using the interview question guide supplied. (You may also add some additional questions, however, remember to be respectful of cultural differences.)
Think about what struck you as interesting that you did not already know about the culture.
Research that aspect by providing at least 2 peer reviewed scholarly articles. (Wikipedia is NOT acceptable as a research source.) Peer reviewed scholarly articles can be found using the ODU library online search engines. Information on how to do this can be found on the ODU library website and some information is provided in the discussion area.
Writing the Paper:

This paper is to follow APA standard formatting, including running head and use college level grammar. It requires a title page and reference page following APA style (see example paper).
The body of the paper needs to be 3-4 pages in length (this does not include the title and reference pages.) APA standards include font size of 12, Times New Roman, double spaced and margins set at 1 inch, and content headers.
Please begin the paper by introducing your interviewee, the culture, and some basic details about the person and how you know them. Included in the introduction should also be a thesis statement about the research aspect of this assignment. (If you have a question about this, please ask in the questions about the course discussion board area.)
The first two thirds of your paper should be a narrative summary of the interview and what you have learned. Please remember to avoid conversational speech.
The final third of your paper should be concerning the research aspect of the paper. Introduce it by saying why the topic interested you and continue on with your findings remembering to use APA standards for in text citing.
A strong conclusion paragraph is expected tying together the interview and research.
It is highly recommended that you use the ODU writing center to help you polish your paper before submitting it for grading!!! They are available to online students and the information for contacting them can be found in the “Help” tab on the left hand side of the screen in the blackboard classroom for HMSV 339.

Here are the resources for the Cultural Interview Research Paper including the grading rubric, an example paper and

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