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Groupy is a really new start up offering an app that connects indie and new musicians, fans, bands, music events and band promotors. The app gives you event dates, ticketing, focusing on new musicians, bands and singers. There will be rewards also for fans buying tickets, attending concerts, and signing up for subscription. The aim for the app is to help indie or new musicians to grow in the industry. The business targets Australian market. Though it’s brand new and still not in operation, seeking for development. Below is the website of the company: https://www.groupymusic.com.au/ The assignment will be really focused on segmenting the markets and describing who the customers really are. 1. We need deep research from Australian Bureau of Statistics regarding the demographics. 2. Discussion on the challenges on the business 3. Design Methodology and data analysis 4. Recommendation briefly on marketing, positioning, and how to approach the market 5. Assumptions could be made but stated in the introduction The assignment is based on one of the Business Canvas element, which is the Customer Segment. Please refer on the theories included in the Business Canvas diagram. The research questions will be: 1. Determining and describing who the customers are for Groupy 2. What is the challenges faced by them that leaves Groupy room to step in? 3. What could be recommended? Attached will be the the assignment description and criteria. I prefer no phone calls for questions and revisions, but rather messages or emails.

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