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Data Analysis—Magnolia Middle School Case Study

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Post in table or chart form, the type of data you investigated and the sources of this type of data in the Magnolia Middle School case study. Share two or more of each: strengths, challenges, trends, and anomalies, you noticed based on your analysis of this data type.

This week’s Learning Resources discuss four different types of data that can be analyzed to provide a picture of a school’s current performance and help target specific areas of focus for professional development. This week with your Walden colleagues, you will begin to analyze the data provided in the Magnolia Middle School case study. First, you will investigate a specific type of data in the case study and share your observations about what you noticed in the data with your colleagues. Then, you will look at the four categories of data to see how a strength or challenge related to student learning in one category of data is supported or not supported in another category. As you may know, this process is called triangulating the data.

In your Discussion group, your Instructor has assigned you to one of the following specific types of data to investigate.

Student Learning Data

First, create a table or a chart to record your observations. Then, for the type of data you are investigating, list the different sources of this type of data in the Magnolia Middle School case study. Then review these sources looking for strengths, challenges, trends, and anomalies that may provide information related to student learning within the data type. To trigger your thinking, review some of the examples provided in this week’s “Powerful Designs for Professional Learning” course text reading and the “Continuous Improvement: It Takes More Than Test Scores” article.

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