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‘Debates about health in Australia are more about allocation of scarce resources than about efficacy of care’

Assignment 2:  Essay

Length:    2500 words(excluding references)
Value:    45%
Penalties on Late assignments    For late submissions, 10% per working day is deducted and after five working days the assignment is given a zero grade.  Applications for extensions should whenever possible be made in writing to the unit co-ordinator and extensions will be granted in ‘exceptional circumstances’.
Task    Students should write a 2500-word essay on One of the following topics:
1)    Analyse the statement, ‘Mental illness is a social problem’. To examine this question draw on one or two of the sociological concepts of class, poverty, gender, ethnicity or race.

2)    2. Analyse this statement, ‘Debates about health in Australia are more about allocation of scarce resources than about efficacy of care’. To examine this use the concepts of power, politics and ideology that underpin health policy as determined by the major parties in Australia.
Preparation    Students should read widely prior to completing the essay. This includes all required readings but they should move beyond these to include some other sources.  A bibliography is available on Learnline to help you with this process. For any essay of this length you will need to include 9-11 references. Majority of the references (7-9) should be based on journal articles, books, book chapters and peer reviewed papers. You can use websites but citations from Wikipedia are unacceptable.
Presentation    The essay should be submitted typed, 12 font in Times New Roman, Arial or similar easy to read font and should have 1.5 line spacing and sufficient margin space to allow for written comments.
Assessment criteria    Demonstrated understanding of appropriate sociological theories, concepts and frameworks
Application of sociological theories and concepts to critique the issues related to good health, ill health and/or the health care system
Critical reflection on the key ideas and concepts within your chosen question
Evidence of wide reading
Adherence to academic conventions of essay writing (e.g. APA referencing; writing style)
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