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Defining “Minority” and the Educational Implications

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In 3 double-spaced pages 1) summarize your group’s response to your opinion of this week’s readings (e.g., did your group share your opinion?) and 2) describe your experience conducting IA#2. Who did you talk to? Where? What did you learn? And, what connections can you make to the course?
–Lee, S. (December 1994). Behind the Model-Minority Stereotype: Voices of High- and Low-Achieving Asian American Students. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 25:4, 413-429.
–Tyson, K. et. al. (August 2005). It’s Not “A Black Thing:” Understanding the Burden of Acting White and Other Dilemmas of High Achievement. American Sociological Review, 70:4, 582-605.
EDS/SOC 117 Spring 2015 8
–Bettie, Julie. 2002. Exceptions to the Rule: Upwardly Mobile White and Mexican American High
School Girls. Gender and Society 16(3):403–422.

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