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demonstrate the processes you undertake when a new student comes to your organisation/institution seeking adult literacy support beginners Information Technology

In this assignment, there are a number of steps to be followed which are listed below. This task requires you to demonstrate the processes you undertake when a new student comes to your organisation/institution seeking adult literacy support in their vocational studies.

It is essential that you use and refer to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) as a tool for assessment which should be prior to starting the course (diagnostic), and may also be during the program (formative) and / or at exit (summative). Although you do not need to show examples of all three types of assessment, you MUST include the ACSF in your reference list and use and refer to it in planning and preparing this assignment.

Part 1

1. Set the scene for your reader. Provide details of the student whom you have selected to be assessed. Start from your first discussion and analysis of the student’s needs, including vocational and other learning needs and goals – for example their reasons for seeking LLN assistance. Describe materials that you have used in assessing the student and include some discussion about the initial assessment you arranged prior to teaching this student. Focus on key questions, resources required and any other features of this initial meeting and discussion with the new student you find relevant to the success of the interview.
2. How have you considered the individual student in selecting resources and approaches? For example, are the materials linked to their vocational area? What decisions need to be made prior to the interview?
3. How does your approach reflect the literature on assessment? (Note – you need to link this discussion to your reading on assessment – include at least three references to your reading to justify your approach.)
Part 2
1. Now that this student has been allocated to a class, you need to develop an individual program of study for their learning and support. This short program must cover at least three weeks of provision (that is – plan for about six lessons in all – that is no more than 6 hours of delivery)
2. Include resources to demonstrate the texts and materials which link to the student’s learning needs (Note – three sample resources would be adequate).
3. Finally, make some comments about how you will assess the student during and after the short program – provide a minimum of three detailed examples which demonstrate your plans, evaluations of the student’s progress and your own observations.

Part 3

Reflect on, and write briefly (maximum 500 words), about your own learning during this series of teaching and learning events. Explain and justify some of the strategies and approaches you have selected by linking your discussion to the literature you have come across in this subject and elsewhere.
You are strongly advised to look at the marking criteria below as you plan your work, and then again before you complete your final draft and submit.
The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to show your understanding of working in the area of adult literacy in a VET context. You will be required to demonstrate your understanding from the initial assessment of an adult learner’s literacy levels through to preparing teaching materials and making decisions about their learning needs. Reflecting on this process is key to the development of you as a teacher and assessor of students who may have very diverse needs and attitudes in adult literacy learning. For this assignment, part of the task is to demonstrate your understanding and ability to use the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and the Foundation Skills Training Package.

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