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Departmental Budget and Outline Guidelines
Part One: Departmental Budget
As part of your capital budget proposal, you will need to apply the cost of your capital budget item, and all associated costs, to a specific department within the
organization. You will also need to account for any additional revenue that may be generated as a result of purchasing your capital budget item. In order to accomplish
this step, follow the instructions on the Departmental Budget Template. Assume the capital budget proposal is approved and create a projected departmental budget for
next year. The template contains the current year’s budget so you can use that as a starting point. Be sure to account for all of the costs associated with your
proposal, including the potential hiring of new staff, training, IT, or any other related costs. In addition, account for the potential revenue generated as a result
of implementing this capital budget item.
Part Two: Proposal Outline
With the goal of submitting a proposal that will help your organization and win that $2,500 bonus, submit a outline that identifies the key points you will use to
address critical elements of the final project
Comments from Support Team: Healthcare and finance
Discipline: Healthcare and finance

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