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design a health behavior change program.

With this assignment you are asked to design a health behavior change program. Follow the guidelines below for what to consider when you propose a program and for what to describe in your report. Carefully read the requirement for comparing your proposed program to one published study and the different requirement for group versus individual work.

The report should list in the header the  members.The report should be at least 3 pages double spaced. Take whatever space you need to include information on the requested components of your program, and any additional details you deem important toward understanding what you are proposing.

What Healthy People 2020 priority are you targeting? Use Healthy People 2020 to identify a national health priority and describe the current and target prevalence of the priority.

What is your target behavior or behaviors? This may or may not be the same language used in Healthy People. You need to clearly operationalize your target behavior so that it can be clearly measured. Some priorities might encompass several behaviors. Be clear as to which behavior or behaviors you are targeting. Please consider that weight loss is not a behavior, it is an outcome of doing healthy behaviors such as exercise, increased fruit and vegetable consumption, and appropriate caloric intake. When you select a behavior, be sure to identify criteria you expect people to meet (for example not just simply exercise, but rather exercise for 30 minutes each day).

What is your target population?

What is the structure of your program? Please describe the program components.

How will a behavior change theory be incorporated?

What is your delivery channel?

What resources will your program require for development? Think expertise needed, disciplines represented, training that might be needed, funding that might be needed.

How will you evaluate effectiveness? Describe your outcome variables (what will define success), how will you test the program?

What barriers do you foresee? Present any ideas for how to overcome them.

Describe how your program builds upon existing research or how it is differentiated. For this I am asking you to find one published study (in an academic journal) about a similar program (might be similar based on structure, delivery channel, behavior, or population). I am only asking you to find one published study to compare to yours. I will not assume you have a broad understanding of everything that exists for that behavior, delivery channel, or population. This is an exercise that allows you to think creatively while putting to use an understanding of health promotion and behavior change theory and program development. It also will show your ability to locate published research. At the end of the report include the reference (or references) in APA style .

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed program?

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