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Design and fabrication of Reconfigurable and portable Programmable logic controller system for training purpose
Problem Statement:
Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC) are predominately laboratory based subjects as they require “hands on”electrical wiring, interface to industrial electrical components, to Human Machine Interfaces(HMI) and may be networked with conveyor system, vision checking system, Servo motor etc. As PLC courses evolve to incorporate the IEC 6-1131 defined Programming languages with the resultant extra software theory learning requirement and an Increasing demand for in-company courses a requirement arises for a PLC system which is Portable, reconfigurable and can be accommodated in a training or class room with the small control system included conveyor, servo motor , vision checking etc.
So the main objective of this research project is focused on following concerns:
1. What is the advantage of using reconfigurable and portable Programmable logic controller for training purpose
2. How this system can be useful for students and trainee person for future in automation industry.

This research starts with performing the studies about each and every method how a small control system can be controlled by Programmbale Logic controller in automation world.For an instant as the PLC is part of an automated system there are several modules that areincluded to this terminal. Those modules are software engineering, electrical design, and insome cases, mechanical design. Software engineering includes applying a Software DevelopmentLife Cycle (SLDC) approach to the system being designed and the ability to write the controlprogram to control a real time control system. Electrical design encompasses electrical panel design (and construction) to the relevantstandard. The PLC apart from being run as a “stand alone” is now an integral part of asystem ranging from agricultural engineering to mechatronics and industrial automation. PLCapplication, as for all control engineering, it must deliver “a balance of practical skills and theoretical knowledge” and as such are laboratory based. Increasingly, in response to demandsfrom industry PLC courses are being run in-house, in training rooms, away from the traditionalvenue of the automation laboratory using hardwired “kits” and PC based simulators.

This system also describes the methods of running servo motor by servo drive (ultra 3000, kinetics 6000) which is widely used in almost every industry where automation required. Nevertheless it also includes conveyor system which is used almost everywhere where any kind of moving of product from one point to another is necessary in industry , and also vision checking system which is used for sorting out the product based on required standard in everywhere.
Not only the system currently being run by Ladder Logic programming and digital I/O italso gives the idea about analogue I/O and the Sequential Function Chart(SFC) programming language, data capture andOverall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measurement. For the Ethernet module OEEdata collected by the PLC networked and presented on remote PCs as part of aManagement Information System (MIS).
Above all, this research project would be performed in two stages. Firstly, the machine design and electrical control for the entire operational process should be conducted and then the study of effectiveness of Reconfigurable and portable Programmable logic controller system with proper statistical analysis.

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