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Diagnostic assays for iron-deficiency anaemia”
The critique should include a brief introduction on iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA) and the general aspects of diagnostic methods for this disorder.

the document attach has more instruction
The introduction will be followed by in depth analysis of ONE of the assays used or being developed for the diagnosis of IDA.
The choice of the particular assay is left to the student, thus the critique could focus on a routine test or an assay that is being developed by a research
The critique should demonstrate understanding of the biology/molecular mechanisms that underline this particular diagnostic method. The potential advantages and limits
of the chosen assay should be discussed.

The critique could include a description of the practical aspects of the assay protocol, however, this should be considered in the context of critical analysis of the
assay performance, suitability for the routine haematology laboratory, comparison with alternative assays/methods,etc.

the document attach has further instruction

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