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different roles of the food and beverage department of a large hotel establishment

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Assignment – Reflective Report

Students are required to evaluate the different roles of the food and beverage department of a large hotel establishment. The organisation must have a minimum of four levels of ‘front of house’ staff and four levels of ‘back of house staff’.
Students must define back of house and front of house, identify the staff reporting structure, indicate the responsibilities of each management level, the level of customer interaction, the type of uniform worn, common hours/shifts worked, qualification and/or experience required and desired qualities for each role. Students must then reflect if the research that has been uncovered in academic texts and journals actually occurs in a real restaurant setting. Students are encouraged to attend a working restaurant to witness first-hand the ‘front of house’ structure only and report back if they agree or disagree with their research.

present this assignment in report format. – 1200 words. It must include:

• Cover/Title Page
• Introduction
• Define front of house and back of hose in a food and beverage department
• Front of House Staff
– Food and Beverage Manager
– Food and Beverage Supervisor
– Food and Beverage Shift Leader
– Food and Beverage Attendant
• Back of House Staff
– Head Chef
– Sous Chef
– Apprentice Chef
– Kitchen Attendant
• Restaurant reflections
• Conclusion
• Reference List

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