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One of the central questions posed by scholars of the way digital technology is transforming the political process is whether digital technology has mobilized people to be become more engaged in the political process, thus equalizing more unequal patterns of political engagement and participation or if it has served to reinforce existing inequalities in political participation. Discuss the two perspectives, any conceptual or methodological issues about measuring the concepts, and what the evidence we have discussed in this course tells us about the answer to this question. Does digital technology mobilize or reinforce?

There is a 2000-word limit to this answer (you do not need to write 2000 words: if you can get the job done in fewer words, that is great). I would suggest you write your answer in another format and then copy and paste it into the form below. You do not need to provide full citations of reading, but acknowledging them by name would be advisable.

Vaccari, Christian. 2015, Digital Politics In Western Democracies. Baltimore: John Hopkins, University Press

Please include the book if you have it on reserve with one of your writers, if not that is ok to.

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