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Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood
within your culture, community, or family. That is the question and I would like for you to write about my journey with weight loss I was once 300 pounds at my very heaviest and I lost over 100 pounds to go down to a lowest of 192 and just make it very to heart and sentimental. A one of a kind essay. If the essay is great I will write reviews here and if I can on Yelp also. This is my essay I did myself you can take a few ideas from this one myself and put it into the new one My first recollection is my cousins making fun of me for going in the pool with a pool with my shirt on. I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight from getting a size larger in my shirts just to look skinnier to not going to any events where I thought I would have to show my body. I went into my teenage years with the same mentality just thinking everyone is talking about in there head. On February 1st 2013 I changed my life forever by using all of my birthday money to sign up to a local gym. All I thought about was fitness, I surrounded my entire life to strictly clean eating and intense exercise. I feel at complete peace while working out. The gym has brought me through my hard times, the gym was there when no one else was, the gym changed me from boy to man but most importantly the gym has changed my mindset and how I perceive life. I did not believe in myself starting off but once I saw change in my body it became an addiction. I started eating better and changing my body to help me become who I was meant to be. Stepping into the gym gives me this feeling of being at home. I feel like I am a bull at the rodeo, unleashing all of my anger and tension from my body. I learned how to be alone. I always had friends and family around me but when I took on this journey I took it head on. Me against the gym, I learned from experience that loneliness is forced solitude. A great deal of pain caused by loneliness is caused by lack of control. You have to find yourself and the gym is where I found myself. I’ve had my ups and downs but the gym has pushed me to I believe another level, another level of thinking perhaps.i believe I have a state of thinking while I’m at the gym nobody else posses. That might sound cocky or too much confidence but I feel I can get through anything life throws at me. The breakthrough for me in learning to enjoy solitude was in improving my inner world first. I had difficulties controlling my solitude from the outside, but I could control my inner world so that my outer world would be better. Learning to put on headphones, blast music, and simply devour your muscles with the iron and find yourself in a place you never thought was possible. I thank all of my accomplishments and who I am to the gym because without the gym I would be a nobody with no confidence or worse feeling how I felt prior to my transformation. In conclusion the gym makes me feel at complete 100% blissful peace.

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