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Discuss the accuracy of home glucose monitoring devices during hypo and hyperglycaemia.

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Individual Report and Presentation Guidelines
Below are some guidelines to help students on the Postgraduate Diploma course with the
presentation of their group and individual reports. Please note that these are guidelines and are
not restrictive or exhaustive. Additionally, if your module tutor suggests any particular format or
presentation for the module reports, we would advise that you follow their suggestions.
Project Length
? Please note the word count of the reports in the group activity instructions. There are
penalties applied for submitting work outside of these limits.
? Words which form part of the count include all words in the text of the assignment.
? Material excluded from the word count is: tables, table of contents, glossary and
diagrams, reference list at the end of the reports and appendices.
? Please check with the Supervising Tutor if you feel unclear about this.
? In your submission you must have a word count within 10% of the word limit. If you do not
do this then the final grade awarded to you will be reduced by 10%.
? You must state the actual word count on the title page of the submission.
? If your work is less than or exceeds the 20% word limit it will not be marked.
For ease of reading for your tutor, the report should be size 12 font continuously throughout the
document except for major headings. Double spacing between words is advised and the pages
should have standard sized margins on the sides of the text and the top and bottom of the
pages. Where possible, pages should be numbered and the text within the document can be
Layout of the Professional Project
Title page
Include the title of your report, your tutor name and group number, your name, (names of all that
contributed to the group project), the word count of your report and the module title.
Main body of text
This may or may not involve the use of subheadings and students are encouraged to use their
discretion here when writing the report i.e. if you have been asked to create a patient leaflet or
write a report document for the task, it would be normal to find subheadings whereas these may
be considered inappropriate for more academic writing styles.
Please note that the inclusion of large amounts of text within tables to circumvent the word count
is not acceptable and students will be penalised for doing so.
Reference List
The Harvard referencing system must be used (see the Harvard Referencing guide on the
Course Instructions and Resources module for guidance).
The report should be proof read carefully and corrections made before submission. Spelling
should agree with best usage and should be consistent throughout the text.
This is used for material related to the text but not suitable for inclusion in it. For example, it
may contain tables too detailed for text presentation. Appendices are unlikely to be used in
module reports but if deemed necessary they should be relevant to the report and kept brief.
Individual and Group Report Pointers
? Consider your topic area carefully.
? Keep a track of references from the onset. Using a reference manager such as Mendeley
(see the Course Instructions Module) will save the frustration of searching for those one
or two lost references at the end.
? Stick to the topic in question avoid
sidetracking as the word count limits are tight
? Avoid copying and pasting you
will lose many marks for engaging in such poor practice
? Avoid plagiarismthe
University takes a hard stance on this and if this picked up by the
tutor, disciplinary proceedings will ensue
? Reference appropriately the sources that you have used in order to create your report
? Keep in mind the target audience of your report as indicated in the group activity
? Upload the report in either Microsoft Word or a pdf file format

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