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From the chapter or from the Web, find one painting (or one sculpture) from this period (1800-1900) and do some research on it. Your post should include the following in ESSAY format (do NOT make a bulleted list this time):

1) the name of the work;

2) the name of the artist (and when he or she lived);

3) the date of the work;

4) the medium (oil on canvas? marble?);

5) the current location of the work (name of the museum or church, etc., name of the city and country);

6) and at least a thorough paragraph (if not more) talking about the work: why or how it was made, perhaps. But most important, you’ll talk about the content of the work (what it’s about, what’s going on the painting, etc.), and then perhaps some information about the reaction to the painting, or some other inside information or interesting fact surrounding this work.

7) a link or citation so others can find the painting and read about it. Include any websites at the bottom.

This assignment will be graded based on thoroughness and thoughtfulness; leave no stone unturned! The Romantic period has thousands of tremendous works of art need to be shared with the class.
THIS IS FROM THE BOOK Laurie Schneider Adams, “Art Across Time,” Vol II, 4th ed. I DON’T HAVE THE BOOK

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