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Discussion Argument

Looking into other arguments -¬ A College Education: What is its Purpose?
• Andrew Delbanco “3 Reasons College Still Matters” p. 505-¬509.
• Carlo Rotella “No, It Doesn’t Matter What you Majored In” p. 516-¬517.
• Marty Nemko “America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree p. 523-¬527

Below is a list of questions, please answer each of the questions.
All of your post must include proper use of grammar and MLA citation should you choose to quote from the selection.
1. (Delbanco) In his 6th paragraph Delbanco says that “if your parents make less than $35,000, your odds, (of getting a BA by age 24) are one in seventy.” Does this assertion disturb you? Why, or why not? (Before you respond, read Delbanco’s next three paragraphs again).
2. (Rotella) What sort of personality does the author convey? If he were teaching at your college, would you consider taking a course with him? Why, or why not?
3. (Nemko) Do you believe that the most overrated product in America is the Bachelor’s Degree? Explain your answer.

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