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Discussion MGT Week 2

**Please use a generic business you are familiar with and complete the following tasks. please provide the business name and a point of contact.

1. Call or visit a local business that imports foeign goods. (Ex: a wince or specialty foods importer.) Ask the owner/manager about the business’s participation in global trade. Compile a list of advantages and disadvantages she or he cites. In what ways are these similar or different from the lists of your classmates?
2. One of the difficulties of engaging in global trade is the constant shift in exchange rates. How much do exchange rates change over a 30 day period? Research this by choosing 4 currencies and recording their exchange rates over the past 30 days relative to the U.S. dollar. The rates are available on the Internet at Yahoo Finance’s Currency Center: https://finance.yahoo.com/currency.
3. Choose a company and describe what effects the currency shifts you noted might have on this company’s trade with each of the countries whose currency you chose. (Possible currencies: euro, pound, yen, pseo. Possible companies: Caterpillar, GE, IBM, Nestle, Toyota)
4. Contact a local corporation and ask for a copy of its written ethics code. Would you classify its code as compliance-based or integrity-based? Explain. ( The community or investor relations office can usually provide thsi information – probably online. Local companies include: Fidelity, Liberty Mutual, South Boston Savings Bank, Digital Federal Credit Union, Herb Chambers Autos, BJ’s Wholesale Club.)
5. Think of a situation that tested your ethical behavior. What were your alternatives and what were the consequences of each. If you had known the 3 questions listed in the text would your decision have been different? Explain.
6. You are the HR Rep. Your company is about to have a layoff and you are privy to the list of people who will be laid off in another week, on Friday. Your very best friend Jim also works in the company in another department and in reviewing the list to be laid off his name is on it. You and your wife socialize with Jim and his wife quite regularly. He and his wife are about to close on a new home next Monday. You know that this will impact their ability to buy that home. They are expecting their second child in about 3 months. You also know that Jim is quite emotional and if he knew about htis layoff he would confront his boss about it as soon as he found out. You also know that if your friend learns that you knew about his being laid off and did not make him aware of the situation you could lose a very good friend. In your position, by its nature, you have acess to a lot of confidential information about which you cannot reveal. You would definitely lose your position if you violate that confidentiality and it is found out. What would you do in this situation? Explain your reasons for your answer.

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