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Discussion Recruting Problem

Before you enter this discussion, please complete your unit reading assignment. Please re-read the Case Study “Who Has a Recruiting Problem” on page 66 in Chapter 4 of your text and respond to the following questions in your original post:

“Considering the critical need for nursing help on evenings as well as weekends, what can Carrie and Jane tell this applicant?
If Jane has to adhere rigidly to her scheduling policy and the candidate refuses to accept the job, what problems might Jane face?
If Jane offers the applicant the position without requiring weekend hours, and without changing the department policy, what problems should Jane expect to encounter?
How can Carrie, as an HR professional, provide further help to Jane, a supervisor in nursing services, as she attempts to recruit sufficient staff for the nursing department? (Fallon, L, p.67, 2007)“
After closely examining the facts and conversation within case, please identify the law(s) that have a direct implication on the outcome of this case?

Provide justification for each of your opinions or explanations.

You will need to perform additional research beyond your textbook to address a few of these questions. Here is one additional source: www.findlaw.com.

Note: If you use resources, other than your textbook to support your positions, please be sure to cite your source(s). Wikipedia is not an acceptable source..

Fallon, L. F., & McConnel, C.R. (2007). Human Resource Management in Health Care Principles
and Practice (p.67). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

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