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division of the city’s inhabitants

Sept. 18, Friday:  Read Book III of The Republic, pp. 78-82, to learn about the division of the city’s inhabitants.   Note there are three groups in the city. Know what those three groups are. Know what is each group is responsible for.
Sept. 21, Monday: read Book IV pp. 82-97 in order to learn about the relationship of the four cardinal virtues (prudence/wisdom, courage, temperance and justice) note how these virtues are found in the city’s inhabitants.  Note the comparison Plato is making:  in the just person, reason, will power and appetites (desires) are doing what they are supposed to do.  Thus reason does the deciding, the will supplies the courage to carry out the dictates of reason and the appetites are controlled through the exercise of moderation/temperance.  By the end of Book IV, Plato has answered Glaucon’s challenge to argue that it is better for a person to be just than unjust. BUT Plato’s work goes on for six more books!  Only on the last pages of the Republic does Plato fully tell us why it is better to be a just person.
Assignment # 2, due today, Sept. 21.   What happens in the city when all groups are minding their own business, that is, doing their particular tasks?

Required Textbook: (1) Forrest E. Baird & Walter Kaufman. From Plato to Derrida.Sixth edition, Prentice Hall, 2011.

Requirements for Your Written Work:
1.            Typed assignments (double-spaced) are preferred.  If assignments are written/printed by hand, they should be neat and legible. N.B. Your research paper must be typed.
2.            Students are responsible for proof-reading their work. The rules for correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling are to be followed. Do not use the phrase “based off” because it is incorrect English. If you have the need to refer to the evidence for a point you are making, you may write: “this is based on….”
3.            Your written work should show an understanding of the material you have read. In answering questions or evaluating the assigned material, show me that you “grasped” the author’s point or have adequately expressed your perspective on the topic you are writing about. Demonstrating these aspects results in the grade you receive for your assignment.
4.            Always keep a copy of any work turned in to me in the event that I should lose or misplace your work.  This includes keeping your returned quizzes and assignments. I will list your grades for your assignments, attendance and quizzes on Isidore. This will enable you to keep a current or up to date account of your class grades and average.  You will receive a zero for missed assignments and quizzes.  If this is a mistake on my part, bring me the assignment or quiz that I have missed.  I will correct my error.
Regarding Your Research Paper.  Most of our course deals with the Western philosophic tradition.  Therefore, to achieve some degree of inclusiveness, your research paper should deal with a social justice issue in a Mid-eastern, Asian or African nation. You can get ideas for your paper from Half the Sky (Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn) or the DVD movie of the same name, or the “Half the Sky Movement” (Use Google.com and find out about the issues raised in Half the Sky and what can be done about these social justice issues. Kristof and WuDunn investigate social justice issues in Asia, Africa and the mid-East.
CRITERIA for grading your paper: your paper requires at least three print sources and three internet sources in the bibliography. Your paper should include references to the ideas from the philosophers studied during our course. Length: at least five (5) pages, double spaced. Be sure to include possible solutions to the issue you choose report upon.

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