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Do we really need religion?

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Just look at the second part in the brief. Write about how religion effect people and society. And when religion meets greedy people, what will happen. Write more about own opinions. Which my opinion is we should not have religion but if we do, I suggest ZEN. Do research for some philosopher that talk about this, or also ZEN master from the past. Just take few sentences from each philosophers.

Assessment Brief A2
CC142 Ideas and Thought
No./Name    Type    Brief date    Due date    % Weight
2. Research report     Journal    7, 8    9    60

To encourage students to form cohesive ideas and logical structured arguments through the process of comprehension, research and reflection. This weekly note keeping and research process will allow students to gain a greater understanding of the intimate connection between the world of ideas and all areas of human creativity, including design. With this assessment, students will be able to develop their analytical, critical, logical and rhetorical skills.

The Brief
This assignment consists of two parts:

The first part that constitutes 20% is devoted to the class participation in the form of short debates on design works/projects (e.g., Whirlpool designs) and related philosophical notions (e.g., social justice). Students are free to choose their topics according to their own interest and major. This task will be carried out throughout the course week-by-week.

The second part includes an in-depth research about one topic (perhaps similar to those discussed in the Agora dialogues). The argument must be balanced and conducted through Socratic dialectical method and must also be supported by empirical facts and examples. The report will be uploaded on e-learning website in week 9 as directed in the class.

Additional Info
Be as lateral and creative as you wish, while maintaining the highest aesthetic standards as future designers.

Grading Criteria
Typed weekly record, analysis and comments on the key ideas and thoughts discussed in this subject
Answer(s) to weekly question(s)
Describe the influence of historical ideas on visual culture
Evidence of primary and secondary research
Appropriate use of visuals and support materials
It is not enough for this assignment to cut and paste texts from books, magazines and/or the internet. Your own reflections, ideas, thoughts and personal research should feature prominently in both journal and essay.

Learning outcomes / Competencies
On successful completion of this subject, learners will be able to:
1.     Apply critical thinking and logic
3.     Modify their own world view based on considered evaluation of ideas
4.    Discuss some of the key ideas that have shaped Western culture

Raffles Policy:

1.    All work submitted must be accompanied by an assessment submission form. The lower part of this form is to be signed by the lecturer and kept by the student as proof of submission.
2.    All work submitted after the submission deadline will be limited to a maximum of 50% and will not be accepted after the end of the study period unless special circumstances apply.
3.    Students only receive grade bands, not raw marks, for individual assessments.

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