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Describe a film you would like to make. What is the subject? the style? the models you would follow? and the raw materials you would seek out for the final product? Write it as if you wanted the reader to fund you. I would want the film to be about my boyfriend. He’s a 26 yearold mechanic who likes to go hunting and likes to collect guns, he has a puffer fish and is very handy. He owns a lot of cars and motorcycles. His favorite car is his vintage Volkswagen Bug hotrod. e likes to drink PBR and always has taco tuesdays. He’s also a big computer gamer and loves to play "Rust" and "Far Cry 5", his favorite shoes are Vans high-tops and can play the electric guitar. He loves to go fishing and kayaking when the weathers nice and keeps his kayak in an abandoned boat in the boat lot of his apartment complex. He used to be Punk when he was younger and used to smoke a lot of cigarettes. I would probably follow him around for his day to day activities to film

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