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This assignment involves summarizing at least 5 scholarly sources (for example, peer- reviewed journal articles, academic books, and/or academic websites). If you are unsure if your source is a “scholarly” one, please consult with me. Also, you may include journalistic sources (for example, articles from the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN), but they will not count towards the 5 scholarly sources. A good place to include journalistic sources would be in the introduction and conclusion sections of the assignment.
Your assignment should include:
A. Introduction.
Here you describe an overview of your topic, why you think it is important, and why it is interesting to you.
B. Summaries of the 5 sources.
Before the summary of the source, you should include the reference information, as it would appear on a reference page/bibliography.
C. Conclusion.
Here you describe a summary of the sources and your opinion about the topic.

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