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DQ. This question must be answered in a 150 word count.
Demographic segmentation divides consumers into specific groups, including by age. Cheerios appears to have divided their target market into several distinct age groups, with very specific benefits. Describe in detail these target markets, and the specific benefits Cheerios markets to each. In your opinion, is such “generational marketing” a good idea? (You may want to visit the Cheerios website for a good overview of their efforts to reach these markets.) For this and all other Discussion questions, post your initial response (150 -250 words), and reply to at least TWO classmates’ postings in a minimum of 75 words. Be sure to utilize in-text citations when using supplemental research, including the textbook and the Cheerios website.
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Read the Chapter 7 Case: Real Choices at Subaru
Answer each question in 200 – 350 words. A total of 800 word min.

1. Summarize the case and identify the dilemma facing Subaru.
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2. Identify and discuss the market segmentation approaches you believe are most relevant for Subaru.
Why are these important to the marketing strategy for Subaru’s product offerings?
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3. Identify and discuss the top three target markets for Subaru. Select the BEST target marketing strategy Subaru should implement and discuss.
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4. As Marketing Manager for Subaru, respond to the following – “In what ways could CRM help Subaru conduct successful target marketing and positioning of their products?”
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