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Drum Circle Article Review #2 – Fall 2015

Details and Expectations
Your first writing assignment will be based on the article, “A Guide to the Jembe”,
by Eric Charry (please see “Charry, A Guide to the Jembe” in the Articles folder on
Blackboard). After reading the article, write a 3-page paper that satisfies the
The goal of your paper is to present an articulate thesis of your choice and a
brief summary of the assigned article. Please highlight only the key aspects
the author is attempting to bring to light in a clear and concise manner. Use
examples from the article that support your thesis, and conclude with a
summary of your ideas in the final paragraph.
Grading will be based on details stated in the writing rubric (see “Writing Rubric”
on Blackboard for details). You must follow the writing rubric in order to be
successful on this assignment. I will NOT accept late work or papers submitted via
email, nor will I reply to you restating this.

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