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2. EPIDEMIOLOGY: How many people per year suffer from this problem: men vs.
women; blacks vs. whites; young vs. old; urban vs. rural; injuries vs. fatalities; cost
to society and the individual; etc.

3. ETIOLOGY: The cause of the problem. For example, if you are discussing an
infectious disease, what is the organism which causes this disease, and how do
people contract this organism?

4. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY: What goes wrong with the body which causes a loss of
function or illness, or even death? Also discuss how the disease is diagnosed.

5. ECOLOGY: How does the environment or society foster the problem? For
example, how does the bacterium live around us? Or what psychological patterns
do we have which relate to the problem?

6. CRITICAL REVIEW of the present methods for the prevention and the treatment of
the disorder. You should end this portion by pointing especially to inadequacies in
prevention. Be sure to distinguish between those measures which are the
responsibility of the individual versus those of the society at large.

7. CONCLUSION in which you suggest changes in the life styles of individuals and of
society which may be more effective in preventing the occurrence of the problem in

the future.

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