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Economic analysis (using NPV) of marine shrimp farming in Bangladesh, or your suggested alternative industry

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1. Use the internet and other sources to research and evaluate historical and present economics
associated with the marine shrimp farming in Bangladesh. Attempt to define how important
the industry is presently (or will be) to the Bangladeshi economy.
2. Imagine that you are the chief engineer working for a large international firm in
Bangladesh, and that the government of Bangladesh has asked your best advice. What
alternative forms of agriculture/industry it might be appropriate for Bangladesh to invest
into? What is the likely level of investment required? What employment would be provided
and what would be the likely ‘flow-on-benefits’ from your chosen alternative enterprise?
3. Set up an excel spreadsheet similar to the example provided to you on ENG2002 study
desk, named ‘NPVCalc’. You are welcome to use this provided spreadsheet, as a ‘starter’
to the one that you are going to develop and refine for your own purposes. Feel free to ‘play
around’ i.e., experiment. Make adjustments and improvements to the spreadsheet, to suit
your own requirements and arguments which you want to present in your report. The idea
is to set up your spreadsheet to calculate, using the Net Present Value (NPV) economic
calculation method, the future profitability of the industry, based on the assumed market
profitability of your chosen path forward. You may choose to recommend government
financial assistance (i.e. grants), with setting up your alternative new industry.
4. Summarise the finding of your economic analysis in a report no longer than 2000 words,
or about ten pages in length including diagrams (including graphs)

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