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Economics and Fuel Prices

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Assignment 5.1 on attachment

Compose an essay that will integrate these various concepts. The theme of the paper should center on how fluctuating diesel (fuel) prices will influence the growth of capitalism and impact the gap between current and future goals. The discussion needs to address how the future planning, plans and capabilities of an enterprise will be impacted. For your enterprise, you may either use a trucking industry enterprise or an enterprise from another industry of your choice. Through this paper, the reader will be able to see how the fluctuation in fuel prices can influence financial, physical and structural capital. As part of your paper, you need to develop a frame of reference that will be the basis for the remainder of the paper. This frame of reference should include both an internal and external perspective of the situation and should be developed in the form of a SWOT or QFD analysis. You will be using this paper again in week six to develop a problem-solving case analysis based on these readings. You should have a minimum of 2-3 pages(1 inch margins) of discussion (single space). This does not include your title and reference page.
Be sure to include the following:• An introduction providing background information on the subject and the content of the paper, •The frame of reference which forms the basis of the remainder of the paper•The SWOT analysis,•A conclusion summarizing the key points of your paper

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