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Edgar Allen Poe’s First person narration & The Supernatural

Write a paper on any topic you choose (relevant to any of the thematic concerns in the texts) that you have not previously written about. In this paper, you must relate theme chosen to the context (literary movement/historical time period). The paper must have one clear argument that reflects a particular point about the author’s style.

Your essay should contain an INTRODUCTION, BODY, CONCLUSION:

Introduction: Your introduction should not be a plot summary. It should focus on the ideas that are relevant to your thesis. You can give some context/background here- but it has to lead to an argumentative thesis statement. The thesis should be the last sentence of your first paragraph.
Body: The body should contain THREE MAIN POINTS. Each main point should begin with an argumentative topic sentence that relates back to the thesis. Basically, you should have three main points that support your thesis. After each main point, you should elaborate on the idea in your topic sentence. You should then include two examples (for each main point) and analyze the language in the example.

Conclusion: Your conclusion should restate your main ideas but should not add anything new. It should be a short paragraph that reinforces and summarizes your main ideas.
Other Requirements:
– You should use AT LEAST THREE CREDIBLE SECONDARY SOURCES (Books from the library, online journals from SUMMON, etc).
Out of the four sources PLEASE use these two:
1)Author Fisher, Benjamin Franklin.
Title The Cambridge introduction to Edgar Allan Poe / Benjamin F. Fisher.
Publisher Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2008.

2) Poe and Gothic Creativity
Maria Antónia Lima
The Edgar Allan Poe Review
Vol. 11, No. 1 (Spring 2010), pp. 22-30
Published by: Penn State University Press
Stable URL: https://www.jstor.org/stable/41506386
A few more guidelines :

1) Please try to keep the style of writing similar to an attached essay, which is how my writing is, but try to avoid mistakes and keep the writing simple

2) PLEASE highlight the thesis statement ( very important its argumentative and very good ) and highlight examples and any info from sources please

3) try to mention and relate to literary terms as much as possible !!

4) Work around his works “The black cat ” and ” Tell tale heart” only and relations to them, mostly from black cat.

5****** THIS is very important try and keep the topic about how edgar allen poe uses first person narration

“Poe uses first person narration to strengthen images of witchcraft and the superstition .. etc” is around what i need the essay to be about

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