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During each module/week of this course you must write a summary of the reading from the Paciorek textbook. Each summary will be divided into 2 sections. The first section will be a summary of the articles( Helping Young Boys Be Successful Leaners in Today’ Early Chilhood Classrooms, Nancy Gropper et al. Young Children, January 2001, Vol 66, no 1, pgs 34-40 and must be at least 400 words; the second section will be a summary of the Internet resources provided in the textbook at the end of the articles (Busy Teacher’s Café.www.busyteacherscafe.com). Choose at least 1 website per article to summarize (with at least 4 Internet resources total in the summary). Your Internet resources summary must be at least 400 words. In both parts, you must critique the concepts presented through a biblical perspective as well as present unique connections between the reading materials. Ensure that you do the following in your paper: utilize critical thinking skills, make connections to real-life situations, and present new ideas. All summaries must be written in current APA format.

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