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Coping emotionally with a physical or multiple physical disabilities or other health impairment often presents major barriers for some students. Maintaining a sense of belonging can be difficult for a student who must frequently leave the classroom to participate in a therapeutic session or other health care routine. Sometimes students require the use of assistive equipment and specialized protocols. This may disrupt access to same age/grade peer relationships. As educators we provide and plan for inclusive and equitable opportunities. The degree of disability impact does not equate to non-inclusion. We are obligation to determine the LRE for all learners eligible for special education services. With this week’s readings and the above concepts in mind, in your discussion board post answer the following questions: What role and responsibility does the special education teacher play in creating an inclusive environment in the classroom in the age/grade appropriate general education classroom? Based on your readings and experience, what do you think both special education and general education teachers should do to help same-age typical peers and other school personnel become more knowledgeable of the equitable rights and access to the general education curriculum? Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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