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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

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Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
Select a disaster that could happen in your community. Then, write a 1-2-page paper outlining the following:
The disaster-hurricane, flooding
How the professional nurse would use clinical judgment and decision-making skills to provide appropriate nursing care
Other health care professionals that may be involved in a response
Suggest strategies for improving your community’s response to your identified disaster
Describe the BSN nurse’s role in disaster management and emergency preparedness
Outline clinical judgment and decision-making skills in appropriate, timely nursing care during disaster, mass casualty, and other emergency situations

Johnstone, M., & Turale, S. (2014). Nurses’ experiences of ethical preparedness for public health emergencies and healthcare disasters: A systematic review of qualitative evidence. Nursing & Health Sciences, 16(1), 67-77. doi:10.1111/nhs.12130

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