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The Lit Review is for a Bachelor Thesis on employee characteristics and service quality. More specifically, I will partner with a hotel chain to determine the personality profile of who are the front office employees or service employees that are the most frequently mentioned in positive comments.

The Literature review you are writing should start by locating empirical articles that try to connect individual difference variables with service (performance, fit, tipping, customer satisfaction, etc). I attached some sources/studies for your reference that you can use for the reference list. I will need the other sources similar to what I attached, in terms of the validity.
Please directly prepare the APA referencing of these studies and that you prepare a table that summarizes the features of these studies (one column for sample size, another one for sample characteristics, another one for the country, another one for the measures used (big five, or other) and another one for the dependent variable.
I attached a print screen below that offers an example.

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