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Engineering Instrumentation

01. a) Describe the function of a filter circuit, in general terms.
b) Derive the gain of the circuit in Figure 1.
Vin] – C’ I Va”
Figure 1
02. With reference to the circuit above (Figure 1), explain its function with a diagram.
03. Draw a circuit that will perform the opposite function of the circuit in Figure 1, derive an
expression for its gain and explain its operation.
04. Write down 4 characteristics of an ideal operation amplifier (OP-AMP) and describe how the
characteristics of an ideal operation amplifier (OP-AMP) differ from those of a real OP-AMP.
05. Draw the circuit diagram of an inverting amplifier using operation amplifier (OP-AMP) and
derive its gain.
06. A 440 V shunt-connected DC motor has an armature resistance of 0.8 (2 and a field
resistance of 200 (2. Determine the back e.m.f when giving an output of 7.46 kW at 85 per
cent efficiency.
07. Sketch the Torque: Speed graph for a DC motor and use it to obtain expressions for the
motor starting torque and the motor no-load speed in terms of motor parameters and the
supply voltage, neglecting friction effects.
08. A permanent magnet DC motor has an armature resistance of 0.5 Q and when a voltage of
120 V is applied to the motor it reaches a steady-state speed of rotation of 20 rev/s and
draws 40 A. What will be (a) the power loss in the armature and (b) the power input to the
09. A 12-bit DA converter has a step size of 10 mV. Determine the full-scale output voltage and
the percentage resolutions.
10. A certain 8-bit AD converter has a Full Scale input of 2.55 V (Le, VA = 2.55 Vproduces a
digital output of 11111111). It has a specified error of 0.1% Full -Scale. Determine the
maximum amount by which the V‘Ur (D/A converter output) output can differ from the
analogue input.


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