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Engineering, Technology & Society 4

(i) Why could waste energy recovery and repurposing be called a “first fuel” option?(ii) Describe anexisting commercial application of repurposing otherwise waste energy that does not come from the mining and mineralogical sector.Your combined answers to (i) and (ii) should be a maximum of 1 page long (excluding references).Your report should be fully referenced within the text, including any pictures or diagrams used. Also make sure you include at the end of the report a list of all References used in the text.For a guide on how to use references in the text and compile a reference list, refer to the separate Assignment Guidelines loaded up on D2L and/or an article in a refereed engineering journal.On-line encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable as a reference – you must quote the original source (e.g., journal article, book, technical report, company websiteetc.). In total, your report should not exceed one page (references can be put on a secondpage).

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