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English 114

1. Topic : for your technical research report, you may investigate job opportunities in your chosen field of study (Medical Office Administration) .
For this I choose to have my paper on:
Pinehurst Dermatology
185 Page Road Suite A
Pinehurst, North Carolina 28374

2. Report Content: Your report should include, at minimum the following information written in your own words and paraphrased or quote from at least 3 sources that you consult in finding your information.
A. The name and complete address of the company including location, postal address, telephone, e-mail, fax, and internet address.
B. A brief history of the company’s founding and expansion.
C. A geographical scope of the corporation’s operations.
D. A description of the company’s and its subsidiaries products (either manufactured or offered for sale in retail or wholesale markets) or services.
E. The relationship between the company’s products and /or services and your choses field of (Medical Office Administration).
F. The name of the company’s chief executive officer and the personnel or human resources director.
G. Educational and occupational background and job skills required of job applicant. —Note: You may need to use subheadings to identify and separate the subsections in this last part of your report. If you do subheadings, make sure that they are different from the major headings.

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