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Assignment 2
Weight: 60%
Word limit: 4500 words (+/­ 10%, excluding reference list and appendix)
Task: Research proposal
Write a research proposal for a topic of your choice.
The focus of this proposal is on the research method and research process. Hence, you do not
need to explain why you want to study the topic you choose nor discuss the significance of the area of
your research interest.
This proposal must address the following points:
1.  State the area of your research interest. (No need to be too specific at this stage)
2.  Identify five current* and relevant original primary research studies in the area of your research
interest. State the authors and the titles of the studies. Write a brief review of the research methods
and research processes used by these studies. Comment on the strength(s) and weakness(es) of
each individual study with respect to research method(s) and research process(es). Discuss the
insight(s) you gain from these studies. There is NO NEED to report the findings of these studies.
You may use a table to enhance your presentation of this information. Then,
3.  State the title of the proposed research study.
4.  State the purpose(s) or aim(s) of the proposed study. You may state your research
questions/hypotheses if appropriate.
5.  Describe the research paradigm you have chosen to apply to your proposed study. Explain why this
paradigm is appropriate.
6.  Describe the research method(s) you have chosen to conduct your proposed study.
7.  Explain why the research method(s) is/are appropriate.
8.  Clearly explain your proposed setting(s), sampling method(s), sample size(s), sample recruitment
method(s), data collection method(s) and instrument(s), and data analysis method(s).
9.  You MUST justify your choices of sampling method(s), sample size(s), sample recruitment
method(s), data collection method(s) and instrument(s), and data analysis method(s) with reference
materials. (As much as possible, you should justify your choices by referencing the studies
you have reviewed.)
10.  Identify any ethical issues and explain your strategies to deal with them. Briefly state your ethical
approval arrangements.
11.  Discuss the strength and weakness of your study. Discuss any other issues related to the research
method and research process of your study.
12.  Provide a brief descrition of budget items and estimated costs (even if you are not intending
to do the project or intend to do it without funding), working hours required, time span and
other resources needed for your study.
Write this assignment in an essay format. The use of table(s) to enhance your presentation is allowed.
Headings and subheadings are allowed.
In text referencing and a reference list at the end of the paper is required. Referencing should use the
APA style.
Your assignment is to comply with the following format:
a margin of at least 2.5 cm on the left and right hand sides
double spaced in 11­12 point type
A4 paper
Criterion referenced marking criteria
The review on research methods and
research processes is comprehensive and
relevant to the proposed study
All aspects of a research study including
research methodology, research methods,
research processes and ethical issues and
other aspects are well considered
Current and relevant references are cited to
support the ideas*
The ideas are expressed clearly and
succinctly and in a logical sequence
The work is presented in accordance with the
APA referencing style and other presentation
Any articles published in the past ten years (i.e. after 2001) are considered as current. However, marks
will be given according to the demonstated value and relevance of the article to the study.
Marks may be given to the articles published on or before 2001 which can be considered as providing
good insights or historical background for the research topic/methods you choose. However, marks will
be given to a few of these classical references only, not all of them.
Check before you submit
Referencing should use the APA style. A reference list, not a bibliography, is required for this assignment.
In all your submitted written work, you are also expected to follow the UNE Assessment Policy and to pay
attention to the issue of plagiarism.
Read the information in the left hand column and make sure the plagiarism issues are cleared before you
You must use the APA referencing system. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and
Marking criteria
Please refer to the marking criteria above when preparing your assignment.
Follow the instructions below to upload your completed assignment file and submit it for marking.
The School of Health Extension Application form is downloadable from the link at the top right of this page. It
includes information about when and to whom extension applications must be submitted, and guidelines
about reasons for seeking extensions which are considered acceptable.
Submission status
Submission status
No attempt
Grading status
Not graded
Due date
Sunday, 18 January 2015, 11:59 PM
Time remaining
11 days 23 hours
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