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Enterprise Application Development to Analysis the Status of Chronicle Disease in Australian Communities using Wearable Health Devises

refer the design of the project for clear understanding
Enterprise ApplicationDevelopment to Analysis the Status of Chronicle Diseasein Australian Communities using Wearable Health Devises

Please add the appropriate title and use the below design

6. Approach/Methodology
To be able to achieve the aims of the project, I have identified main objectives of my project is to focus on the following tasks
1. Automatic Collection of Data from Wearable Health Devices on Mobile Apps:Using appropriate connection WiFi/Bluetooth/3G/4G, Synch the Health devices to the mobile application to collect the required data with Location.
2. Remote Persistent Data Base Server : Synch the mobile apps to store the structured data on the Data Base server under appropriate category based on location and specific chronic disease
3. Enterprise Application Server and Data Base server: Synch the Enterprise Application server and Data Base server to fetch the required information for particular community or area

Figure 1: Data Flow at Various Stages
4. Front End Enterprise Application Design : Front End Application to Display the Current status of any chronical disease in the form of Maps with Data sets/Graph/Charts for specific area and to display the future prediction on the bases of current status.

Figure 2: Sample Front End Enterprise Application.

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