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A group of political activists developed an original way of appealing to the public: they re-write lyrics of popular songs; re-record them with new lyrics and edit video in a specific way, which makes an impression that this new song with political message is performed by the original celebrity rather than by the activists themselves. After these videos became very popular on YouTube, the activists received warning that their videos can be removed on copyright ground.

In your essay you have to 1) identify factors, which are relevant for establishing copyright infringement; 2) explain briefly which mechanisms could be used by the activists as a defence; 3) explore and explain YouTube copyright guidelines and procedure of video removal on alleged copyright infringement; 5) check and present the existing legislation and case law (please note that because YouTube’s headquarter is in the USA, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (US) can be relevant; 6) mention which additional information would you need from the activists to make meritorious response; 7) basing on this information provide non-binding advice to the activists.

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