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Evaluative argument

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1. Must know the book “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder.
2.This essay is an evaluative argument, using what you’ve learned about writing evaluative arguments to analyze and make an argument about Mountains Beyond Mountains.
3.Mountains Beyond Mountains explores the ways that cultural beliefs affect people’s recovery from disease through medical treatment (for example, Paul Farmer wondered if there was a correlation between his Haitian patients’ belief in sorcery as the cause of TB and their recovery from TB when treated medically). What did Farmer and his medical team discover? Do you think that this discovery might have broad applications elsewhere–in the U.S. or in other countries? Why or why not? Make an analytical argument that explores this major theme of the book.
4.Your primary focus should be analyzing this book but, in addition to the book, you must include at least two different types of sources (example, a book and a newspaper article, or a magazine article and a personal interview) and must use MLA style citation, both in-text and in a works cited page.

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