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Evidence-based, culturally appropriate intervention to improve the health of your community

Week 5: Create a possible Evidenced-Based, Culturally Appropriate Intervention project to improve the health of your community.
Incorporate all information gathered from the community: the population itself, health data, professionals from various disciplines in the community, community assessment, windshield survey, and the literature to propose interventions. Support your plan with scholarly evidence and health data.
This week your instructor wants you to access and appraise culturally-sensitive, research-based interventions to prevent and improve the health of population at risk. You may be suggesting a new intervention, supporting current interventions in place, or enhance current interventions. Please read about evidenced-based research in your textbook.
Please address the following in your discussions:
• Share at least two prevention strategies to improve the population at risk that you feel confident are evidenced-based. Why do you think that?
• Think in terms of evaluation of outcomes. How would you know the interventions made a difference?
• How would you modify the intervention to ensure it is culturally sensitive and meaningful?

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