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Evidence on positive effect of health and safety management systems on health and safety performance of the organization – ( Critical discussion)

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You have recently been employed by a large company as the Head of Health and
Safety. The company has a policy and some procedures for health and safety but lacks
any organised system for managing health and safety or measuring performance. You
have requested funding from the board who has asked whether there is any evidence
that a system will indeed improve performance.
Critically discuss the evidence that health and safety management systems have a
positive effect on health and safety performance.
Your critical discussion should be in the form of an essay of 2000 words. It is not
sufficient to simply describe a health and safety management system. You need
include a range of research, guidance and standards in this area to support your
arguments and discussion.
General Instruction
You should research a range of reference materials including recent published research
relating to the topic you are discussing. Journal articles on research can be found
through the portal in the e-library using science direct, for guidance on accessing
journals and eBooks online please refer to the accessing electronic resources guide on
Moodle. The work is to be word-processed and appropriately referenced using the Harvard
system of referencing. It should be presented in the form of an essay and the length
must be with 10% of the 2000 word limit, excluding appendices, bibliography, etc. A
word count must be included.
There are a number of centres offering this programme so you must ensure you
submit in the correct folder or your assignment may not be marked.
You may also be required to submit a hard copy to your local centre. Your local centre
will tell you whether or not a hard copy is required to be submitted. Assignments will not
be marked unless they are submitted electronically.

Focus should be given on the critical discussion with evidence to establish that good health and safety system have a positive effect on health and safety performance considering that you are newly employed safety manager of a company with some policy and procedure which lacks any organized system for managing health and safety and its performance measurement . Follow Ha

Please see attached guidance

Additional instructions:
Please check attached files and work based on that than the instruction provided here.

Harvard – page numbers for all in-text citations

Essential Sources
None – the writer may use whatever sources he or she feels are most appropriate.

Requested Sources
Please refer online resources

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