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The paper will involve the assessment of
a short case and will require you to apply the concepts and ideas from classes and readings in your analysis. (Which can be any reading related to this topic). I will upload more documents.This will involve using a standard case analysis method (e.g. SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, etc.) as well as answering the questions outlined below

-The paper by Matthew W. Morgan entitled “Evolution of Best Practice: University Health Network in Toronto uses clinical decision support in best practice initiatives” (Health Management Technology, April 2001) and its companion paper by Wu, Peters and Morgan (2002, JHIM) is a case study of advanced computer decision support system (DSS) to provide clinicians with more complete and more comprehensive information from multiple sources. Some questions for discussion:

1. What decision support technologies were used?
2. Analyze the users and type of decisions involved.
3. What are the major benefits of this DSS?

Evaluation Criteria
 ability to apply concepts from class and readings to the case analysis
 ability to construct a coherent, well informed argument
 quality of the case analysis and answers to questions
 clarity and format of the written paper,

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